Female pedestrian hit by taxi and thrown 5 metres away on Nathan Road in TST


29th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 4.45am today (29th), a taxi was driving along Nathan Road towards Tsim Sha Tsui. It then hit a female passerby surnamed Tam (56 years old). She was thrown 5 meters away and fell to the ground. The front of the taxi on the left side was damaged. The driver of the taxi surnamed Lo (33 years old) immediately called the police for help. The female passer-by suffered head injuries and was bleeding profusely. Fortunately, she was still conscious and was sent to the hospital by ambulance for treatment. A blood-stained mask was left at the scene, and the police were present to investigate the cause of the accident.

It is reported that the female passerby planned to cross 6 traffic lanes on Nathan Road. The police did not rule out that the victim failed to use the nearby pedestrian bridge or pedestrian tunnel and crossed the road indiscriminately to cause accident.