Female hiker reports knife attack after argument with man over feeding wild boars on Braemar Hill trail


22nd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of today a middle-aged woman was hiking alone on the hills near Braemar Hill Road in Quarry Bay. Along the way, she encountered a male hiker of similar age who was watching a group of wild boars feeding. The woman became concerned that someone might attempt to feed the boars, putting hikers in danger and causing disturbance to others. She spoke up to remind the man, but their conversation quickly turned into an argument. The woman then reported to the authorities that she was threatened with a knife.

Police officers arrived on the scene and conducted an investigation, concluding that the incident did not involve any criminal behaviour and that no one had a knife. They found that the disagreement was solely a misunderstanding between the two hikers, and after advising those present, they left the area.