Female executive of a U.S. investment company whose husband tested positive for COVID-19 wanted by authorities for evading compulsory quarantine, sources


19th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) The URSUS Fitness cluster outbreak in the Sai Ying Pun has spread to the financial sector. According to sources, a female executive of a U.S. investment company was listed as a close contact subject to compulsory quarantine, but she was missing and she is suspected to be wanted by the authorities. Her husband, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier, is also an employee of another U.S. investment bank, JPMorgan Chase. The missing female executive, now in her 40s, has worked for about six or seven years in the Hong Kong branch of a U.S company.

She was suspected of staying in a high-end hotel in private, evading compulsory quarantine and she may be wanted by the authorities. According to the “Prevention and Control of Diseases Ordinance” Cap 599 of the laws of Hong Kong, the government has the right to issue quarantine orders, ordering close contacts of confirmed cases to undergo compulsory quarantine at the quarantine centre. Violators can be fined and imprisoned.

Earlier, an internal email from JPMorgan Chase circulated on the Internet that an employee may be diagnosed in the office on the 28th floor of the Chater House in Central. JPMorgan Chase confirmed in response to media enquiries that the employee concerned is being tested for the virus and the company’s office has been thoroughly cleaned.

As of 17th March, a total of 116 people have been convicted by the court for violating the quarantine order, sentenced to immediate imprisonment for up to 14 weeks or fined up to HK$15,000. The URSUS Fitness cluster has resulted in 138 people being tested positive. It was the second-largest cluster outbreak since the beginning of the epidemic. Many customers are foreign financial professionals, which caused the epidemic to spread to the financial sector and foreign banks. The office of Morgan Stanley in Kowloon ICC and the head office of HSBC Bank, etc have been listed under compulsory testing because of COVID-19 cases.