Female employer sheds tears after her Indonesian domestic helper who is like a family member went back to hometown to get married

Picture credit: Carine Wong

29th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) There are always employers who share their unpleasant experience with foreign domestic helpers on social media but recently, a female employer, Carine Wong was lucky enough to find a responsible foreign domestic helper who not only takes care of her family, but also treats their children as if they were her own. Carine Wong posted an article on Facebook page praising the foreign domestic helper for being very responsible for the past two years, doing her best for her family, and at the same time, she has also developed a close relationship with them.

However, the foreign domestic helper recently expressed her wish to resign and returned to her hometown in Indonesia to get married, which makes her feel sad. She commended her foreign domestic helper for her conscientious work in the past two years in the Facebook group.

She praised the foreign domestic helper for loving her two children at home, and often bought toys and sweets for them at her own expense. She estimated that the foreign domestic helper had spent thousands of dollars on her children in the last 2 years.

Every night, the foreign domestic helper would report to her what the children did after school, and would even give suggestions for improvement. On weekdays, when the children went out to study, the helper would try to relay their conversations with friends and teachers, so that the employer could better understand the children’s lives. She would also accompany the children to learn chess. She also practised playing chess and did homework together with them on weekdays. In the end, she was so good that she even took part in chess competition with the children together. The foreign domestic helper even gave the employer massage after work and when the female employer took part in fitness competition, she would prepare nutritious meals for her, and tell her not to worry.

When going out to buy groceries, she would always bargain to save money for the family and she has never stolen any cash from the employer. She is polite and always greets people with a smile and knows how to be grateful. Even the employer’s relatives and friends like her and commends her all the time. The helper has worked for two years and has earned a lot of money to go back to her hometown to build a house and also buy a shop lot.

Recently, she resigned and returned to her hometown in Indonesia on 14th November to get married which caused the employer to breakdown in tears as she was devastated. She said that she would miss her a lot. She described her as a family member and said that she wants to keep in touch well with her in the future. Many netizens also applauded the employer for treating the helper well.

The article shared by the employer on Facebook.