Female employee of Kowloon Hospital passes away after developing acute heart attack


1st September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Staff of the Hospital Authority must be vaccinated against COVID-19 from today, otherwise they will be required to pay for regular testing. A female employee of Kowloon Hospital was sent to the emergency department of United Christian Hospital by ambulance in the early morning of 28th August due to acute chest dysmenorrhea. The medical staff was initially diagnosed with acute heart attack. After emergency treatment, she was sent to the intensive care ward for further treatment. The patient’s condition continued to deteriorate and she passed away the next day (29th August).

The employee had received the Sinovac vaccine days ago (26th August). There was no record of discomfort during the observation period after the vaccination. Spokespersons for Kowloon Hospital and United Christian Hospital stated that the medical staff extended condolences to her family members and will continue to provide needed assistance.

The case has been referred to the coroner for follow-up and the hospital has also reported the case to the Department of Health according to the established mechanism. The Kowloon Hospital felt sorry for the death of the relevant staff and will try its best to provide appropriate assistance to the family members. The Hospital Authority stated that it has been encouraging employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to protect the safety of patients and employees.