Female driver with P-plate licence causes accident while distracted by mobile phone


1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A recent video uploaded on Facebook has shown a new driver with a Probationary Driving Licence (P-plate) in Hong Kong, driving while distracted and causing an accident. The incident happened at the entrance of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, where the P-plate driver was seen following the car in front of her slowly. However, in the video, she can be seen repeatedly looking down at her mobile phone, and even typing messages with one hand while driving. As a result, she failed to notice the distance between her car and the car in front of her, causing a rear-end collision.

The video also showed that the P-plate driver was completely unaware of the situation, with a shocked expression on her face when the accident occurred. After the collision, she opened the car door without any regard for the surrounding traffic, posing a significant danger to herself and other drivers on the road. Moreover, she continued to use her mobile phone while the car door remained open, sending messages and presumably seeking help.

The video has sparked outrage among Hong Kong netizens, who criticszed the P-plate driver for her lack of responsibility and safety awareness. Many comments on the video called for stricter supervision of new drivers, and some even suggested that her P-plate license should be revoked.