FEHD urges public to keep environment clean and comply with anti-epidemic regulations during year end and Lunar New Year


27th January 2022 – (Hong Kong)  A spokesman for the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) today reminded members of the public to continue to comply with various anti-epidemic regulations during the year end and the Lunar New Year (LNY) holidays, and appealed for their participation in the year-end clean-up campaign and efforts to maintain cleanliness in the household, the community and public places so as to reduce the risk of virus transmission and protect personal and public health.

The spokesman said, “To tie in with the tradition of cleaning up before the LNY, the FEHD has commenced a year-end clean-up campaign from 8th January. During the campaign period, the FEHD is stepping up the cleaning of venues and facilities under its management, including public markets, cooked food centres, hawker bazaars, public toilets and refuse collection points. The FEHD is stepping up inspection of its markets and, apart from reminding stall tenants to clean their stalls thoroughly, the department is also implementing deep cleaning and intensive anti-rodent operations at the markets, during which market staff thoroughly clear the refuse and clean the passageways and drains in the markets every night after the markets are closed so as to eliminate the food sources of rodents. Numerous traps are also placed in market areas in the small hours in order to strengthen rodent control.”

 In addition, the FEHD is rolling out the territory-wide anti-rodent campaign in two phases this year to continuously combat the rodent problem. The first phase was launched on 3rd January. During the campaign period, FEHD staff are stepping up rodent control work and inspections in target areas, including markets, municipal services buildings, hawker bazaars, lanes adjacent to food premises and other problematic spots and their peripheries. At the same time, the FEHD is also enhancing street cleaning services at target rear lanes as well as clearance of miscellaneous articles and waste in public markets and hawker bazaars in the vicinity of target rear lanes, so as to keep the environment clean. The department is also stepping up inspections of food premises and strengthening enforcement actions against food premises causing poor environmental hygiene conditions, food preparation and scullery at rear lanes and improper handling and disposal of rubbish so as to fortify the effectiveness of anti-rodent work at target rear lanes.

 As the LNY holiday is around the corner, the spokesman also reminded members of the public to pay attention to food safety and not to patronise unlicensed cooked food hawkers. Shop operators and other stakeholders should not place goods or articles in public places, as doing so causes obstruction. FEHD staff will, depending on the actual circumstances, take enforcement action against illegal cooked food hawkers, shop front extension and hawking activities causing street obstruction.

  The spokesman added, “During the LNY, the FEHD will enhance street cleaning services, such as increasing the frequency of street sweeping and refuse collection, as necessary. In addition, more manpower will be deployed to patrol and take enforcement action, including issuing Fixed Penalty Notices of HK$1,500, against persons found to have contravened the public cleanliness and obstruction regulation.”

 The spokesman stressed that maintaining a clean and hygienic community hinges on the co-operation and participation of everyone. He called for the concerted efforts of every member of the public during the year end and the LNY holiday to continue to maintain environmental hygiene, comply with various anti-epidemic measures and fight the virus together.