FEHD opens application for rental of stalls at Sunlight Market in Tung Chung

Sunlight Market

5th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has announced that starting from tomorrow, 6th December, applications will be accepted for the rental of seven market stalls at Sunlight Market in Tung Chung.

Sunlight Market, which opened in March of this year, is situated near Tung Chung Station on Fu Tung Street. In an effort to bolster business activity and cater to public demand, the FEHD has implemented a new management model that empowers the service contractor with enhanced responsibilities for market management.

A spokesperson for the FEHD stated, “The available market stalls for rental include one siu mei/lo mei stall, four vegetable stalls, one food-related dry goods stall, and one other food-related wet goods stall. Applications will be accepted from 6th to 19th December.”

Interested applicants must be 18 years of age or older and be permanent residents of Hong Kong. Application forms can be obtained from the FEHD website (www.fehd.gov.hk) or the District Environmental Hygiene Offices starting tomorrow. Completed application forms, along with the required supporting documents, must be submitted by fax (2545 2964), email ([email protected]), in person, or by post to the Islands District Environmental Hygiene Office no later than 6pm on 19th December. Alternatively, applicants can fill out the online application form and submit it electronically. Late applications will not be considered.

To ensure fairness, the allocation of market stalls will be determined through open computer balloting. The ballot is scheduled to take place on January 9, 2024. The results will be published on the FEHD website on the day following the balloting, allowing applicants to check their status. Successful applicants will receive official notifications from the FEHD regarding the arrangements for stall rental.

The opening of applications presents an opportunity for individuals interested in operating a market stall at Sunlight Market. The FEHD’s efforts to streamline the management structure and foster a vibrant business environment are aimed at providing a diverse range of offerings to meet the needs of the local community. Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this chance to contribute to the dynamic marketplace in Tung Chung.