Feeding Hong Kong calls for public support to provide 5,000 Santa sacks and combat rising income inequality


27th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the spirit of the holiday season, Feeding Hong Kong, a local food bank, is urging the public to extend a helping hand to the vulnerable members of our community. Despite the end of the pandemic, the challenges faced by those in need persist, making this year’s support more crucial than ever. The organization aims to distribute at least 5,000 Santa Sacks in December, ensuring that those struggling with food insecurity have access to nourishing meals.

Recent research highlights a surge in income inequality since 2019, with Hong Kong’s poorest earning nearly 60 times less than the wealthiest individuals. Visits to charity partners have revealed that food often takes a back seat for the underprivileged, who must prioritize expenses such as rent, transportation, medical bills, and education costs. Consequently, the commitment of charity organizations is more crucial than ever, as the demand for food assistance remains high.

With a donation of HK$150, Feeding Hong Kong can procure, pack, and deliver a special food pack consisting of essential items like rice, cooking oil, and noodles, along with festive treats such as cookies or special condiments. Such a contribution can provide 10 additional meals for a two-person family or supply an extra 50,000 meals to the community this Christmas.

The public can also contribute to feeding those in need by participating in the Festive Food Drive. Whether mobilizing school or office communities or taking action with family and friends, individuals are encouraged to drop off food donations at designated community collection points. By rallying together, we can replenish the food bank’s shelves with warm and nourishing provisions, ensuring that everyone has access to sustenance during the winter season.

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