Faye Wong’s beau, Nicholas Tse, spotted in Beijing hotpot restaurant

    Nicholas Tse

    29th February 2024 – (Beijing) Cantopop diva Faye Wong and Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse continue to navigate the waves of their rekindled romance with a discreet fervour, following their public reunion in 2014. Recently, the couple returned to Beijing from a sojourn in Japan, capturing the attention of onlookers at the airport. While they refrained from overt displays of affection, their mutual glances conveyed an intimate bond.

    Tse, who had just returned to the Chinese capital, was spotted indulging in the local culinary tradition of hotpot dining, much to the delight of a diner who chanced upon him at the eatery. The encounter, shared on social media, was accompanied by a photo and a caption expressing the diner’s elation at meeting Tse, noting his charismatic and approachable demeanour.

    The couple, last seen hand-in-hand at an airport in March of the previous year, have maintained a low profile amidst their celebrity status. Tse, in particular, has been praised for his youthful visage and suave style. At 43, his well-maintained appearance stands in contrast to his contemporaries, drawing favourable comparisons from fans and the media alike.