Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse reunite in a high-profile display of affection at Beijing Airport


    27th February 2024 – (Beijing) Music diva Faye Wong, also known as Wang Fei, and Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse once again stole the spotlight at Beijing Airport. Renowned for their low-key and sweet romance, the couple surprised fans by showcasing their affection in public shortly after the Lunar New Year.

    Late last night (26th), Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse returned to Beijing from their trip to Japan. Upon their arrival at the airport, they took a shuttle bus together, sitting side by side with their arms closely intertwined. Ignoring the curious onlookers, Faye Wong lovingly patted Tse’s arm, and they leaned in to share intimate whispers, captivating the entire nation with their chemistry.

    During the encounter, enthusiastic fans approached Wong Faye for autographs. The beloved songstress graciously obliged, radiating warmth and charm. Netizens couldn’t help but praise her for being exceptionally sweet, even when by her beloved’s side. Faye Wong, known for her cool demeanour, transformed into an affectionate and tender companion.