Father and son sentenced for sexual assault against underage family member


24th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A father and his son have been accused of sexually assaulting a young girl who lived with them over a period of five years. The father is alleged to have inserted his fingers into the girl’s vagina and made inappropriate comments about her pubic hair, while his son repeatedly touched her breasts with his elbow. The father has admitted to four counts of indecent assault, while his son denied five counts of indecent assault and was found guilty of two.

After reviewing the victim’s trauma report, the District Court judge sentenced the father to 29 months in prison and the son to two years of probation. The judge acknowledged the family’s presence in court and urged them to continue supporting the victim and her brother.

The father, identified as “WKF,” and his son, identified as “WCK,” live with the victim and her brother in a Tsuen Wan apartment. The victim, identified as “X,” is currently 16 years old, while her brother is 17. The parents of X and her brother separated in 2007 and were never married. The incidents occurred while X and the two accused were living together.

The son faced five counts of indecent assault that occurred between 2018 and 2020, while the father faced four counts. Judge Yau cited X’s trauma report, which indicated that X had a good relationship with her father, and felt guilty for betraying him,despite his actions. X struggled with depression and low self-esteem after the incident, and it was recommended that she continue to receive psychological treatment.

The father’s report showed that he posed a low risk of reoffending and had expressed remorse for his actions. Taking these factors into account, along with his guilty plea, the judge sentenced him to 29 months in prison. The son’s report suggested that his actions were influenced by sexualised video game characters, and that he would benefit from rehabilitation and psychological counselling. As a result, the judge imposed a two-year probationary sentence.