Father and son arrested as over 40 cats and dogs suspected of abuse found in Temple Street warehouse

22, Temple Street

20th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Over 40 cats and dogs were found in distressing conditions at a grain and oil warehouse on Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei, as reported to law enforcement authorities today around 5pm It was alleged that an individual had been seen kicking the animals while walking them earlier in the day. Concerned residents, appalled by the incident, decided to follow the person and report the matter to seek assistance.

Law enforcement officers, accompanied by representatives from animal welfare organisations, arrived at the scene. They discovered over 30 young dogs and cats inside the first-floor warehouse of a tenement block at 22 Temple Street. These animals were of various breeds but lacked identification microchips. The premises, originally a grocery store’s grain and oil storage facility, mainly supplied local restaurants. However, the location suffered from mosquito and insect infestations, leading to unsanitary conditions.

Following preliminary investigations, authorities arrested a father and son duo on suspicion of mistreating the animals. Further details regarding the case are yet to be determined through ongoing investigations. Sources indicate that the arrested individuals were responsible for handling cargo at the warehouse and deny allegations of it being a dog breeding facility. Subsequently, representatives from the animal welfare organizations safely removed at least 39 dogs and 2 cats from the premises, transporting them to veterinary facilities to assess their overall health.