Fate of Secretary for Home Affairs lies in the hands of Central government


26th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Witman Hung’s birthday party, the representative of the Hong Kong People’s Congress resulted in 15 government officials to undergo quarantine after 2 COVID-19 cases attended the same event.

However, even though Caspar Tsui, the Secretary for Home Affairs was ordered by Chief Executive Carrie Lam to go on leave until the 4th February, she reiterated yesterday she was still “more disappointed” with him. She said that the government has high expectations from government officials and civil servants. Not only must they be honest and devoted to their duties, but they must always be cautious in their personal behaviour, and not embarrass the government. She add that the officials involved will be dealt with according to this standard, and the public can rest assured. Some people in the political circle said that after listening to the content of Lam’s press conference, they are almost certain that Lam will ask Tsui to be held accountable to step down to prove that the government is impartial.

At least two pro-establishment figures said that Carrie Lam was firm in her desire to replace Tsui, and now it is only up to the Central government to decide.

As for The Director of Immigration, Au Ka-wang who resumed work on Tuesday, sources pointed out that since Au is a civil servant, he may only be penalised via disciplinary action but the specific penalty is still unknown.