Fatal seven-vehicle collision claims three lives on Tokyo Expressway


14th May 2024 – (Tokyo) During early morning today, a seven-vehicle collision resulted in the loss of three lives, according to local media reports. The incident, involving a combination of four trucks and three passenger cars, unfolded at approximately 7.30am local time (22:30 GMT Monday) on the southbound lanes of the Shuto Expressway’s Ikebukuro Route 5 in Saitama prefecture, just before the Bijogi Junction, as confirmed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

The collision resulted in a series of devastating consequences, including multiple vehicles catching fire and several individuals sustaining injuries. Emergency responders swiftly transported the wounded to nearby hospitals, while firefighters battled the raging flames that engulfed the vehicles, utilising pump trucks to extinguish the inferno.

Tragically, the deaths of three individuals have been officially confirmed, as reported by national news agency Kyodo, citing sources involved in the investigation.