Fatal accident on Tuen Mun Road claims three lives including driver (Updated: 12pm)


18th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At 3.23am today, a Honda Type R FD2 private vehicle, carrying two men and one woman, was travelling on Tuen Mun Road in the direction of Tsuen Wan. As the vehicle approached a sharp right turn near Correction Service Married Staff Quarters in Siu Lam, it appeared to lose control, colliding with a roadside curb and a signpost. The impact caused the vehicle to further collide with another road sign, resulting in it splitting into two sections and debris scattering in all directions. The rear section of the car came to rest in front, with the right wheel resting on the curb. A passing motorist quickly reported the incident to authorities.

Rescue personnel swiftly responded to the call and arrived at the scene, where they discovered an unconscious man and woman lying on the ground. Immediate first aid was provided to them, and they were transported to Tuen Mun Hospital by ambulance for urgent medical attention. Unfortunately, the man’s condition deteriorated, and he was pronounced dead at around 4am. Meanwhile, inside the vehicle, a man believed to be the driver was trapped in the driver’s seat. Firefighters successfully extricated him, but paramedics confirmed his apparent death on the spot. Meanwhile, the female passenger was subsequently certified dead at 9am. The police are currently investigating the details of the accident and have categorised the case as a “fatal traffic incident” for further follow-up. Reports indicate that both male and female passengers were ejected from the vehicle during the collision and were found unconscious before being certified later. The three individuals involved in the accident were identified as Mr. Chan (26 years old), Mr. Tang (26 years old), and Ms. Ng (23 years old).

Law enforcement officers observed visible marks on the curb, indicating the impact of the collision. Bloodstains were also found, and several packs of instant noodles were scattered on the road. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident. As a result of the incident, traffic in the direction of Tsuen Wan on Tuen Mun Road was temporarily disrupted.