Fatal accident claims 3 lives on Tuen Mun Road, as deceased male passenger meets fatal fate upon returning from Thailand

Insert picture: Chan Ka-to

18th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Tuen Mun Road was the site of a devastating traffic accident today (18th), resulting in the loss of three lives. Among the deceased was Chan Ka-to, a 26-year-old male passenger who resided with his father in a unit at King Mei House, Shan King Estate, 1 Ming Kum Road, Tuen Mun.

In an interview with local media, Chan’s father revealed that he had been divorced from his wife for approximately 10 years, and Chan had been living with him ever since. From a young age, Chan had shown a passion for playing football and even received accolades for his skills. However, his academic performance suffered, and he dropped out of school during his fourth year of secondary education. Currently, he worked as a washing machine repairman.

Chan’s father expressed that despite their limited conversations, he had a good relationship with his son. Chan was an incredibly filial son who cared deeply for his father. Just last night, Chan had returned from a trip to Thailand with his friends and had bought him a cup of noodles and other souvenirs. Little did Chan’s father know that his son would be involved in a tragic accident in the early hours of this morning, leaving him heartbroken and unable to comprehend the situation.

Furthermore, Chan’s father stated that he did not know the male driver and female passenger who also perished in the accident, nor was he aware of whether his son was in a romantic relationship. Chan’s friend notified him of the accident at 5 am today, and he plans to visit the scene tomorrow morning to pay his respects.

The details surrounding the accident, which occurred on Tuen Mun Road, are currently under investigation by the authorities. The vehicle involved, a Honda Type R FD2, was carrying two male passengers and one female passenger. As the vehicle approached a sharp right turn near Correction Service Married Staff Quarters in Siu Lam, it appeared to lose control, colliding with a roadside curb and a signpost. The impact caused the vehicle to split into two sections, with debris scattered in all directions. Prompt action was taken by rescue personnel who arrived at the scene and discovered an unconscious man and woman. They were immediately provided with first aid and rushed to Tuen Mun Hospital for urgent medical attention. Tragically, the man’s condition worsened, and he was pronounced dead around 4 am. The trapped driver was extricated by firefighters but was also pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The female passenger, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries at 9 am. The police have classified the case as a “fatal traffic incident” and are conducting a thorough investigation.

The three individuals involved in this devastating accident have been identified as Chan Ka-to (26 years old), Mr. Tang (26 years old), and Ms. Ng (23 years old). Our hearts go out to their families and loved ones as they mourn this tragic loss.