Fans pay tribute at Kathy Chow’s tombstone at Tianshou Cemetery in Beijing


    20th April 2024 – (Beijing) Last December, Kathy Chow, the beloved actress, passed away at the age of 57. Recently, her studio, on behalf of her family, released a statement disclosing the chosen location for her final resting place. After careful consideration, they decided to lay her to rest in Beijing, where she had resided for 21 years. The chosen site is the Tianshou Cemetery in Beijing’s Changping district.

    “Our dear Kathy has found her new home in Beijing, at the Tianshou Cemetery. We explored various options in Hong Kong and Beijing, and we believe this new home is most suitable. It was her favourite place, and it allows for convenient visits from friends and admirers. Kathy had a deep affection for Beijing, where she lived and worked from the age of 36 for twenty-one years,” stated the family representative.

    Expressing gratitude for the love and support Kathy received, the statement confirmed that all her social media accounts, including her pet-related accounts, will be preserved for fans to reminisce and browse. The family also extended heartfelt appreciation to relatives, friends, and the work team for their care and assistance during both Kathy’s lifetime and after her passing. They acknowledged the warmth that accompanied them through this difficult and sorrowful period, expressing eternal gratitude.

    Following the announcement, a large number of Kathy Chow’s fans promptly made their way to Tianshou Cemetery to pay their respects, leaving flowers and photographs of the late actress at her tomb. It is known that Kathy Chow’s ashes have not been interred yet, but some netizens have visited the burial site and shared real-time photos online. The images reveal a tombstone adorned with Kathy Chow’s portrait, encircled by film frames as a decorative motif. Moreover, instead of a photograph, the stone carving features Kathy Chow’s iconic movie character, ensuring that her persona remains etched in the hearts of her fans as “Kathy Chow” for eternity.