Fan secures ‘KEUNG T0’ licence plate in public auction to be gifted to her idol Keung To

    Keung To bought an apartment at Harbour One in Western District not long ago.

    17th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, a member of the popular boy band MIRROR, is well-known for his immense popularity among fans. These dedicated fans, not only show their support but also contribute a significant amount of money to support their idol. In the latest event held by the Transport Department, the Personalised Vehicle Registration Mark (PVRM) auction took place, featuring 240 licence plates up for public bidding.

    One license plate in particular caught the attention of many—it was the same as Keung To’s English name, “KEUNG T0.” With an initial bidding price of HK$5,000 and an increment of HK$1,000 per bid, the license plate eventually went to a lady who successfully secured it for a meagre HK$38,000. Interestingly, this lady happened to be one of Keung To’s devoted fans. She expressed her intention to present the licence plate as a gift to Keung To.

    Keung To and the MIRROR fandom have consistently witnessed the unwavering dedication of fans who spare no expense to celebrate special occasions, such as members’ birthdays. These celebrations often involve extravagant gestures, including placing birthday advertisements throughout Hong Kong. The city becomes immersed in massive Mirror-themed promotions, with trams, buses, ferries, and buildings adorned with gigantic posters of the birthday honoree. In some instances, special events, like chartering the cross-harbour Star Ferry, have been organized to commemorate these milestone birthdays. These elaborate and costly marketing campaigns, funded by devoted followers, have become emblematic of the remarkable Mirror fandom phenomenon in Hong Kong.