Family members of 12 pro-democracy detainees in Shenzhen hold press conference to urge the HK government to bring them back


12th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) At the end of August, the Chinese Coast Guards arrested 12 people near Ninepin Islands, including Andy LI, a member of the Pro-democracy group “Hong Kong Story”. He was arrested on the same day as Jimmy Lai and was released on bail pending investigation. All of them attempted to escape to Taiwan to seek political asylum.

Family members of the 12 detainees held a media conference organised by Pro-democracy lawmaker, Eddie Chu his afternoon requesting the Hong Kong government to bring them back. The family members and Chu said that after they have been informed of the arrest of the 12 Hongkongers, family members have since appointed Mainland lawyers to visit the detainees at Shenzhen Yantian Detention Centre. However, the local authorities requested them to complete a notarized document before the lawyers can meet them. However, as of today, 6 lawyers appointed by the family members of the detainees were banned from meeting them even though 2 of them came with notarized documents as requested.

The family members said that the authorities told them that the detainees have appointed other official lawyers instead. It seems like the authorities intended to cut off contacts and silent any news linked to the 12 detainees. They urged the local authorities to allow their lawyers to meet them. The family members also expressed their wishes to talk to them over the phone so that they can provide medicine if necessary.

In addition to this, they hope that the rights of the detainees can be protected and they urge the Hong Kong government to bring them back as soon as possible.