Families of two deceased victims arrive at mortuary to identify victims of fatal industrial accident at Kai Tak

Fu Shan Public Mortuary

22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A fatal industrial accident at Kai Tak led to the untimely deaths of two female workers. The families of the victims arrived at Fu Shan Public Mortuary this morning (22nd), around 9am, to carry out the procedures for identifying the bodies. After completing the necessary formalities, the families departed in private vehicles. It has been reported that one of the families will return to the scene of the accident later, accompanied by a Taoist priest for a ritual ceremony.

The accident occurred at around 4pm on the same day at a construction site within Pano Harbour, located on Shing Fu Lane, in the vicinity of Kai Tak. A scaffolding structure measuring approximately 15 meters by 8 meters suddenly collapsed from a mid to high-level position. Without any warning, four construction workers, one male and three females, were tragically struck by the falling debris. Among them, a 68-year-old woman surnamed Wong and a 54-year-old woman surnamed Lam suffered severe injuries. Unfortunately, one of the victims had already lost vital signs by the time she was rescued. Both victims were pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital via ambulance.