Fallen objects in tunnel cause suspension of train services on Tokyo-Yokohama Line

File photo.

22nd February 2024 – (Tokyo) Train services on Japan’s JR Yokosuka line, running between Tokyo and Yokohama stations, experienced a suspension on Thursday following the discovery of fallen objects in a tunnel. The East Japan Railway Company (JR East) confirmed that multiple pieces of concrete had fallen onto the tracks in the tunnel between Tokyo and Shinagawa stations, resulting in the suspension of operations from the first train in the morning.

The closure of the affected section was extended from Tokyo to Yokohama stations to allow for necessary restoration work. As a result, JR East’s Narita Express trains, which provide transportation between Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture and the greater Tokyo area, were also suspended from the first departure on all routes. However, it is expected that these services will resume in the afternoon.

The incident has caused inconvenience for commuters and travellers who rely on the JR Yokosuka line and the Narita Express for their daily journeys and airport transfers. The temporary suspension disrupts the smooth flow of transportation between Tokyo and Yokohama, two major cities in Japan