Failed attempted robbery at Fortress Hill currency exchange store results in arrest of two suspects

Tuen Mun Magistrates' Courts

9th June 2024 – (Hogn Kong) Last Monday evening, a 29-year-old female employee of a currency exchange store in Fortress Hill, bravely reported an attempted robbery. According to her account, around 4.45pm that afternoon, she encountered a knife-wielding man inside the store who threatened her and attempted to carry out the robbery. However, his plan was foiled, and he managed to escape the scene.

Following the report, authorities swiftly initiated an investigation, meticulously reviewing a substantial amount of CCTV footage. The footage revealed the presence of a foreign male suspect attempting to gain access to the employee’s counter. Fortunately, the quick thinking of the female employee prevented the suspect from entering as she promptly closed the door leading to the counter. Both the male suspect and another local man who was waiting outside the store fled the scene. Fortunately, no property was lost, and no injuries were sustained during the incident.

Subsequent to the investigation, authorities arrested two suspects on Wednesday (5th) and yesterday (8th). The arrested individuals are a 39-year-old local man and a 39-year-old Thai national, both suspected of intending to commit robbery. The local suspect has been granted bail pending further investigation, while the Thai national was temporarily charged today (9th) with attempted robbery. The case is scheduled to be presented in court at the Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow (10th).