Facebook page administrator announces closure of “HK Business Closure News Concern Group” to reopen with a more neutral theme 


11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In recent years, the retail industry in Hong Kong has been facing significant setbacks, with numerous shops shutting down and a wave of closures sweeping the streets. A Facebook group called “HK Business Closure News Concern Group (Shops/Restaurants/Retail/Small Shops/Big Corporations)” has gained immense popularity, amassing over 315,000 members within just two weeks. However, ithe group’s administrator made a shocking announcement on YouTube late Wednesday night. The administrator revealed that the Facebook group will be “closing down.”

The self-proclaimed administrator released a video on YouTube titled “Thank you for over 300,000 supporters~ Update mode! HK Business Closure News Concern Group Officially Announces Closure!” In the video, the administrator declared that the group will be “closing down.”

According to the administrator, the original plan was to announce the closure of the group once it surpassed 200,000 members. Due to various reasons, the announcement was delayed, but the decision to “close down” had already been made long ago. The administrator clarified that the closure does not mean the end of the group altogether, as it will be rebranded and reopened on 23rd April under the name “Hong Kong Stores News Awareness Group.” This new name is described as being more neutral in nature.

The administrator explained the reasons behind the closure and rebranding. As the group’s membership grew, it started to veer off-topic and lose its original focus. The administrator noted that discussions within the group increasingly deviated from the intended purpose, leading to a deterioration in quality. However, the administrator also viewed this as a positive reflection of Hong Kong residents’ concern for their city. People wanted to understand the reasons behind the negative trend of shop closures.

The administrator further emphasised that with a membership of 200,000 to 315,000 people, the group carried a social responsibility. Taking into account the feedback received, including those who felt the group’s name was too negative and portrayed Hong Kong in a bad light, the administrator decided to make a change. The administrator believed that the new name would allow the group to continue its operations without negatively impacting the perception of Hong Kong’s economy.

The administrator added that the rebranded group would still welcome discussions on various aspects of Hong Kong’s physical economy, including store openings and closures, new restaurants, small shops, large corporations, and conversations about malls and foot traffic. The group aims to foster a positive environment for these discussions.