Extravagant Lunar New Year feasts featuring cup noodles with lobster and red wine go viral


18th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong food enthusiasts have taken to social media to showcase their extravagant dining experiences during the festive season. One particular post on the Facebook group “Hong Kong Street Market Fish and Seafood Research Society” has caught the attention of netizens, featuring a lavish seafood cup noodle dish adorned with succulent lobster meat and accompanied by a bottle of fine red wine.

The original poster shared the photo with the caption “A simple meal for one: seafood cup noodle with a single lobster. Can anything be easier?” The image showcases a tantalising combination of fresh lobster meat resting on a bed of seafood-flavoured cup noodles, complemented by the rich flavours of lobster broth. The backdrop of the photo, a bottle of red wine, adds a touch of sophistication to the presentation.

The post quickly garnered enthusiastic responses from netizens who couldn’t help but comment on the extravagant feast. One user replied, “I stick to a simple roasted duck rice!” Another chimed in, “Roasted duck sushi, anyone?” The thread continued with users sharing their own modest food choices, including a user who humorously mentioned enjoying a plate of fried rice. The banter between the original poster and netizens added a light-hearted tone to the discussion.

While some netizens expressed their disbelief and amusement, questioning the need for such extravagant meals, the original poster defended their choice, stating, “Sometimes, you have to go above and beyond for yourself.” The playful exchange continued, with netizens suggesting alternative ways to enjoy the dish, such as adding extra ingredients or modifying the cooking process.

In fact, one knowledgeable netizen offered a detailed cooking method for enhancing the flavours of the dish. According to their advice, the cup noodles should be softened before stir-frying them with the lobster meat. Additional ingredients like onions, celery, and carrots were recommended to infuse the dish with even more flavour. The netizen’s step-by-step instructions concluded with the suggestion of adding tomato paste and a splash of brandy, followed by slow cooking to achieve a satisfying result.

As the discussion evolved, more netizens joined in by sharing their own homemade lobster creations, further fueling the culinary excitement. The comments section was filled with mouthwatering images of lobster dishes prepared by passionate food enthusiasts. Some netizens sought guidance on how to replicate these dishes at home, while others playfully showcased their partially eaten cup noodles, indicating their eagerness to indulge in the extravagant feast.

Amidst the culinary enthusiasm, some netizens also inquired about the price of lobsters, expressing curiosity about the current market rates. The original poster responded, stating that smaller lobsters typically cost around HK$200, but they managed to acquire their lobster at a discounted price. Another netizen added that lobster prices have become more affordable in recent years, reminiscing about the exorbitant prices of the past and highlighting the accessibility of Australian lobster, which can now be found for around HK$120 per piece.