Explosion in Google’s data centre in U.S., 3 employees critically injured

Google’s data centre in Iowa


9th August 2022 – (Council Bluffs, Iowa) It has been reported that there has been an explosion due to a short circuit in the data centre of Google located in Council Bluffs, U.S.. 3 staff have been seriously injured in this accident. At the same time, the injured have been sent to the hospital.

Three people are critically injured after an “electrical event” at the Google Data Center in Council Bluffs. Authorities responded to the centre, which is located near Bunge and Wabash avenues, around noon.

According to authorities, three people were burned by an “electrical event,” but no information is available at this time about what caused the incident.

Three people were taken to Nebraska Medical Center in critical condition, according to authorities.

Authorities said all patients were awake and talking.

According to Reuters information, the incident happened at 11.59am local time on Monday. The Council Bluffs Police Department told Reuters that three electricians were working at a substation of the data centre buildings on Monday morning. During this an electric explosion occurred. At the same time, all three electricians were seriously injured in this blast.

According to the information received, an electrician among the injured was taken by helicopter to Nebraska Medical Centre. At the same time, two electricians were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Nebraska Medical Centre is located on the Iowa-Nebraska border. It is a short walk from Council Bluffs.

According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, when the three injured were taken to the hospital, they were conscious and breathing.

The Google data centre is a huge secret campus of huge drives, shelves of computers, internal and external network facilities, cooling systems and tons of software. Google has built such data centres in many places around the world. In North America, there is a Google Centre in Berkeley County, Council Bluffs, Douglas County, Jackson County, Lenoir, Montgomery County, Mays County, The Dallas, Henderson and Reno.