Exploring Yim Tim Tsai Island in Sai Kung


Yim Tim Tsai Or ‘Yim Tin Tsai’ is a deserted offshore island situated on the south  side of the Sai Kung Peninsula, Hong Kong.

“Yim Tim” in Cantonese means salt farm. In earlier days villagers of the island lived on farming and salt-making. Almost all villagers have migrated to urban areas in Hong Kong but in recent years, there has been efforts to turn the island into a tourist spot. There is now a restaurant, museum and a tourist information centre. There is now even a golf course on the other side of the island.

A chapel was established by Father Josef Freinademetz on Yim Tin Tsai island  in 1879.  The St Joseph’s Chapel had become a landmark of Yim Tin Tsai Village and you can still see it today.


St Joseph’s Chapel

Apart from the salt farms on Yim Tim Tsai, you can actually walk to the other side of the island where you can enjoy the geological nature of the coastline.Clearwater Bay Formation is part of the Kau Sai Chau Volcanic Group, the youngest of its kind in the territory. It is marked by features of volcanic activities in Hong Kong during the final stage of the Mesozoic Era. Also found on Yim Tim Tsai and Sharp Island nearby, just below Clearwater Bay Formation, are Mang Kung Uk Formation volcanic rocks. The rock here is essentially tuffaceous siltstone mixed with crystal bearing fine ash vitric tuff and tuff breccia.

Also, do not miss the rocky beach on the right as you get off from the pier. You can spend an afternoon there listening to the waves!

This coastline of the island is full of amazing geological features formed by volcano rocks

Direction : 

Exit from Choi Hung MTR Station (Exit C2) and take Minibus A1 to  Sai Kung Pier. Take boat from Sai Kung Pier to Yim Tim Tsai (Return Ticket should not cost more than HK$100 per person). Boat journey will take 15 minutes.


Yim Tim Tsai Pier.

Turn right after arriving at Yim Tim Tsai Pier and you will arrive at the deserted houses, museum,  and the St. Joseph’s chapel.

Cross this bridge to go towards the Golf Course.

Follow the sign to the Golf Course, cross a bridge with scenic views on both sides, walk along the trail and turn right when you see the sign below. Do not proceed towards to Golf Course after you see this sign.

Go to the trail behind this path to reach the coastline.
This is the beach located immediately on the right of the Yim Tim Tsai Pier. Don’t miss out!