Exploring 7 key fashion style contrasts between HK and mainland Chinese women, as revealed by a mainland Chinese Student in HK


25th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Every city has its distinct characteristics and fashion styles. A mainland Chinese student studying in Hong Kong recently shared her observations on the popular social media platform Xiaohongshu, highlighting seven major differences between Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women. However, she emphasized that everyone has their unique beauty, and these differences in style should not be seen as a measure of superiority or inferiority.

The post sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with many agreeing that both Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women have their own unique traits. The diversity of styles was welcomed, with comments such as, “I have been to Hong Kong many times and always found their dressing to be tasteful and simple, without being extravagant or excessive. It’s very comfortable,” and “If everyone is the same, the world would be too boring.”

The mainland Chinese student’s post on Xiaohongshu titled “Discovering the Differences Between Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese Women” analysed the fashion styles, body shapes, and overall appearance, outlining seven key characteristics that differentiate Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women.

The mainland Chinese student shared her opinion on XiaoHhngshu.

Difference 1: Serious Sun Protection is Mostly Seen Among Mainland Chinese Women

According to the post, when it comes to seeing women who take sun protection seriously on the streets, around 90% of them are mainland Chinese. The author noted that mainland Chinese women often carry sun-protective clothing and sun hats, which are not commonly seen among local Hong Kong residents.

Difference 2: Hong Kong Women Tend to Be Slimmer

The author described Hong Kong women as generally slim and more “toned,” speculating that the hilly terrain of the city might contribute to their overall fitness.

Difference 3: Less Prevalence of “2D” Fashion Styles Among Hong Kong Women

The author mentioned that Hong Kong women are less commonly seen wearing fashion styles inspired by “2D” (anime and subculture) or “Lolita” dresses.

Lolita dress commonly worn by mainland Chinese women

Difference 4: Mainland Chinese Women Prefer the “Tight on Top, Loose on Bottom” Style

The author stated that mainland Chinese women tend to prefer the fashion style of wearing tight-fitting tops with loose bottoms.

Difference 5: Meticulously Dressed Women Are Mostly Mainland Chinese

According to the author, women who appear meticulously dressed with attention to detail in their makeup and styling are more likely to be mainland Chinese. On the other hand, Hong Kong women generally adopt a more natural and professional makeup style.

Difference 6: Representative Fashion Items for Hong Kong Women

The author pointed out that if there were to be representative fashion items for Hong Kong women, they would be the “Theory dress” and “Roger Vivier shoes.” The author praised the women in Central and Sheung Wan areas of Hong Kong, describing them as beautiful, sophisticated, and exuding a strong presence.

Difference 7: Preferred Fashion Styles of Hong Kong Women

Based on the author’s experience, approximately 80% of Hong Kong women adopt a “professional white-collar” style, while 10% prefer a sporty look and the remaining 10% opt for a casual style. The author emphasised that the dressing styles are all sleek and well put together.

The author emphasised that Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women are all beautiful in their own way, and there is no hierarchy between them. “Everyone is beautiful… The only difference lies in their individual styles. Let’s appreciate each other and avoid unnecessary comparisons.”

The post sparked a lively discussion among netizens, with many agreeing that both Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women have their own distinct characteristics. Comments such as “The author praised everyone, making everyone feel good,” and “I have been to Hong Kong many times and always felt that the women there dress appropriately, tastefully, and in a relaxed and comfortable manner” reflected the acceptance and appreciation for the diversity of styles.