Experts strongly advise against taking risks on treacherous Lion’s Head despite Xiaohongshu’s recommendations


13th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese tourist lost his life after slipping and falling from a height of 25 meters near the treacherous Lion’s Head. The Government Flying Service team came to his aid, airlifting him to the hospital, but sadly, he could not be saved. The incident has raised concerns among hiking enthusiasts about the risks involved in attempting to conquer this particular section of the Ma On Shan Trail.

Lion Rock has long been a favourite spot for hikers, and its popularity has soared in recent years, attracting tourists from various regions. The rise in interest can be attributed, in part, to the recommendations shared on the popular mainland social media platform “Xiaohongshu”.

Leung Wing-hang, the Executive Director of Yau Shing Travel, cautioned that while hiking the general trail on Lion Rock is relatively safe, ascending Lion’s Head itself is an entirely different challenge. Scaling the rocky terrain requires proper equipment, ropes, and expertise. Leung emphasized the importance of considering weather conditions and erosion factors, advising against attempting the ascent without adequate mountaineering experience.

Warning signs are posted in the area, urging hikers to refrain from venturing onto Lion’s Head. In fact, for capturing the best views of the rock formation, it is recommended to find a safer vantage point nearby rather than risking a hazardous climb.

Renowned hiking expert Chung Kin-man echoed the sentiment, stressing the necessity of thorough preparation for hiking and trekking activities. This includes staying updated on weather forecasts, ensuring appropriate gear, and having contingency plans. Chung highlighted that while Lion Rock is generally manageable, Lion’s Head poses a distinct challenge due to its rugged and slippery terrain, especially after rainfall. Without substantial mountaineering experience, attempting to conquer Lion’s Head is strongly discouraged.

The incident occurred around noon on the 12th of May when a 37-year-old mainland Chinese man surnamed Leung was hiking with a group of more than ten friends. While attempting the climb near Lion’s Head, he tragically slipped and fell from a height of 25 meters. His companions immediately alerted the authorities, and the government’s flying service team promptly rescued him and transported him to the Eastern District Hospital for urgent medical attention. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, he succumbed to his injuries.