Expert group established to enhance conservation efforts in Sha Lo Tung

Sha Lo Tung

1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s Environment and Ecology Bureau has announced the establishment of the Expert Group on Conservation for Sha Lo Tung, a significant step towards preserving the area’s ecological environment and biodiversity. The group, appointed by the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, will be led by Professor Lam Kin-che as the convener and comprises experts, scholars, and representatives from relevant government departments. Their term of appointment will be from 1st March, 2024, to 28th February, 2026.

Mr Tse Chin-wan, the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, expressed confidence in the expertise and experience of the group’s members. With their support, the government aims to conserve the pristine ecological environment and diverse wildlife of Sha Lo Tung in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. This will enhance the countryside experience for visitors and scholars, not only from Hong Kong but also from other regions.

The Expert Group will play a crucial role in shaping long-term conservation strategies for Sha Lo Tung. They will advise the government on measures to promote scientific research and eco-recreation in the area and oversee the implementation of conservation studies and projects. Sha Lo Tung has been recognized as having immense ecological value, ranking second among the 12 Priority Sites for Enhanced Conservation under the New Nature Conservation Policy.

Since 2018, ongoing conservation work has been underway in Sha Lo Tung through the Nature Conservation Management Agreement project, which is funded by the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme. The completion of the non in-situ land exchange in July 2022 has paved the way for further measures to enhance nature conservation, facilitate scientific research, and enable the public to enjoy the precious ecological resources found in Sha Lo Tung.