Experience night vibes at Wan Chai waterfront next Friday with free sports and dance activities

For families, the "Circle Rolling Run

18th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) As the autumn weather turns crisp, it’s a perfect time to engage in outdoor activities. The Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission are organising the “Evening Delights at Harbourfront” event next Friday and Saturday (24th and 25th November) from 6pm to 10pm at the Water Sports and Recreation Precinct, Wan Chai. The event will feature five exciting sports activities, including emerging sports like Kin-Ball, challenging inflatable obstacle courses, and even an on-site Hip Hop dance tutorial. Participation in all activities is free, and interested individuals can register online. The first 300 participants who complete four out of the five activities and collect four designated stamps will have the opportunity to receive limited-edition gifts on-site.

One of the highlighted activities is the “Glowing Kin-Ball Match,” an emerging sport originating from Canada that claims to be the world’s only three-team simultaneous ball game. The game is simple, with teams requiring four players to simultaneously make contact with the Kin-Ball during an offensive play, while the defending team aims to successfully catch the ball. If the ball touches the ground, it results in a foul, and the remaining two teams score points. The event will feature the use of giant glowing Kin-Balls, and professional coaches will be present to guide participants during the trial games.

Glowing Kin-Ball Match

Another activity, “Night Dance Hip-Hop-Pop,” will offer participants the opportunity to learn basic hip-hop dance moves from professional instructors. Enhanced by stunning effects such as auroras and starry skies projected on-site, participants will immerse themselves in the vibrant street culture while burning calories through dance.

Night Dance Hip-Hop-Pop

For families, the “Circle Rolling Run” is a fun and easy activity where participants can run, jump, and even roll inside large LED-lit inflatable cylinders. Additionally, the “Inflatable Obstacle Challenge” will require participants to conquer four giant inflatable obstacles, including a balance beam, a tunnel, hurdles, and hoop jumps, testing their agility and balance. Lastly, the “Halo Toss” is a light-hearted, all-age inclusive activity that allows four people to play together, attempting to catch glowing rings.