Executive vice president of HKECIA urges govt to abolish entry quarantine measures completely to revive the exhibition industry in HK


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The road to return to normal in Hong Kong is slower than that of other countries. For example, Japan, Taiwan and other places have scrambled to ease entry, but Hong Kong is only expected to implement the “0+7” entry quarantine measure next week. Lai Ho-yi, executive vice president of The Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association (“HKECIA”) said today (23rd) that any quarantine arrangement that hinders the arrival of international tourists in Hong Kong will make it difficult for the exhibition industry to recover. For example, some exhibitions originally rooted in Hong Kong have moved to Singapore. Therefore, the industry expects the authorities to relax the entry quarantine arrangement further to the “0+0”, that is, to cancel all arrival quarantine.

Lai explained that there are exhibition centres in many parts of the world. When other places have returned to normal and borders are fully opened, the organisers would rather go to places without quarantine restrictions, so Hong Kong may not be considered. For example, she pointed out that Singapore held about 200 events last year, and this year it has held 600 to 700 events, of which more than 60 are international events, and each event has brought at least tens of thousands of tourists to the country. And this year's large-scale international events in Hong Kong are not held, so some exhibitions that were usually held in Hong Kong have moved to Singapore, and some exhibitions have announced that they will continue to be held in Singapore next year.