Exclusive sneakers key to solving murder of Singaporean in Spain

Mitchell Ong (left) and Audrey Fang (right).

23rd April 2024 – (Abanilla) A pair of high-value Nike sneakers may hold the key to solving the case of the murdered Singaporean, Audrey Fang. The 39-year-old was tragically found dead with 30 stab wounds in Abanilla, Spain, a day after she mysteriously vanished while on a solo trip.

Spanish authorities, spearheaded by the Civil Guard, have intensified their scrutiny on Mitchell Ong, the suspect in Fang’s killing, following the discovery of the limited edition sneakers in his Alicante hotel room. Valued at €935 on the luxury clothing website Farfetch, these shoes are believed to match footprints at the crime scene, providing a potential breakthrough in the investigation.

Further complicating the case, the soil embedded in the sneakers’ soles is currently undergoing laboratory analysis to confirm its match with the soil found on Fang’s body and the local sandstone of Abanilla. This forensic evidence could be pivotal in establishing Ong’s presence at the crime location.

The Civil Guard’s findings were bolstered by other evidence, including significant sums of cash found in Ong’s room and data indicating that mobile phones belonging to both Fang and Ong were in close proximity on the day of the murder. These details emerged amidst ongoing court proceedings, where Ong has been remanded in custody due to flight risk concerns, given his economic means and lack of ties to Spain.

Adding layers to an already complex narrative, local reports suggest that the motive behind the murder could be economic, hinted at by an unexplained money transfer by Fang and her involvement in an investment fund. However, authorities have not dismissed the possibility of a personal dispute playing a role in the tragic event.