12th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Organisers of the 3-day sit-in peaceful protest at arrival hall of airport Terminal 1 that ended yesterday have called upon 1,000,000 civilians to occupy the Hong Kong International Airport from 1pm onwards today after one female protester allegedly ruptured her right eye by bean bag rounds fired by police during the violent clash at TST yesterday.

One female protester allegedly ruptured her right eye after being shot by bean bag rounds during the violent clash at TST yesterday.

To make matter worse, the female protester allegedly issued a statement to all her friends and family members via social media this morning with the following message, ‘Until today, if you think that protesters deserve what they did or both parties are at fault or if you want to take a neutral stand, I will immediately cut off all ties with you. This is because you have become part of the ugliest human catastrophe.’

Alleged post issued by the female protester shared across Telegram groups this morning.

The protesters’ slogan today will be ‘Police! Return an eye! An eye for an eye’. The main Telegram Chat group that was created last night has around 27,977 members at press time. The same message to unite protesters has been blasted all across their other Telegram groups which have an accumulated total of over 200,000 members. The message has also been blasted across the most popular local forum in Hong Kong i.e. LIHKG.

Main Telegram group organising the airport siege today.
Another Telegram group used by protesters has 13,823 members.
Another Telegram group used by protesters has 131,897 members.
Another Telegram group used by protesters has 37,021 members.

Even though we are sceptical about the 1,000,000 figure, if radical protesters turn up in thousands or tens of thousands later, the impact to Hong Kong would be disastrous because the city only has ONE GATEWAY. By shutting down the airport, protesters will be ultimately holding Hong Kong hostage.

The organisers also planned a series of non-cooperation movements to slow down the traffic towards airport after 2pm today while they were warned not to storm into airport runway as police may deploy real bullets. All protesters were requested to be fully masked and they were given complete free hand to disrupt the airport at all terminals instead of a sit-in protest similar to the one held for the past three days. The protesters have been urged to arrive earlier between 11am to 12pm later.

They urged the protesters to focus on their fight against the political figures and not just against police. They reiterated that their five demands must therefore be met.

As the illegal rallies around the city turned increasingly violent in the last 24 hours, the enraged protesters are more determined now to hold the government hostage by occupying the airport as they know that riot police won’t storm into the airport and fire tear gas rounds. If the protesters continue to occupy the airport for days, the government will be pressurised to give in similarly to the situation in Thailand in 2008.

Meanwhile, according to sources, Airport Authority and police have already started to deploy pre-emptive measures to counter the protesters’ mass occupation at the airport later today.

Protesters waving American flags at Arrival Hall, Airport terminal 1 two days ago.

Thai protesters shut down major airports for a week in 2008

In November 2008, thousands of protesters in yellow shirts besieged the main international Suwarnabhumi airport which forced airport authority to shut down the facility and cancel hundreds of flights, paralysing the entire country. The airport, an important regional hub, handles around 700 flights each day and almost 40 million passengers a year. Protesters stormed into the airport to remonstrate with Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat upon his return from an economic summit in Peru.

The anti-government protests, which gathered pace four months beforehand disrupted the stock market, impacted the tourism industry, battered the stock markets and spooked foreign investors. The anti-government protesters are mostly urban Thais who were more educated and they demanded the government to abolish a Western-style electoral system.

The action of the protesters forced the cancellation of outbound flights and incoming arrivals. Thai Airways rerouted 16 inbound flights to the old airport at Don Muang, while many other airlines cancelled services.

The protesters eventually ended their siege after shutting down two major airports for more than a week.

Thousands of overseas passengers were stranded as a result. A squad of riot police confronted the protesters outside of the terminal building at about 5am on the first day of the siege.

The protesters eventually ended their siege after shutting down two major airports for more than a week. The Prime Minister subdued to pressure before stepping down over election fraud and disbanded his governing party.