15th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After weeks of incessant street rallies led by radical front line student protesters, many Hong Kongers are feeling lethargic and frustrated by the violence instigated by a small group of radical front line young protesters who have deviated from the initial peaceful fight against the government on extradition bill amendments.

Aggrieved by the government’s push for the bill and motivated by the young students who were seemingly fighting and sacrificing for the city, Hong Kongers decided to join in peaceful marches organised by Civil Human Rights Front in June.

On 16th June, Hong Kongers stool tall on the world platform after almost 2 million people took to the streets in a peaceful demonstration. The world commended Hong Kongers for their courage to voice against the government in violent-free marches. Some even suggested that a Noble prize should be given to Hong Kongers. On the other spectrum, police were condemned for their excessive use of force. Amnesty International’s team of experts examined footage from 14 instances of apparent police violence and they confirmed evidence of police brutality.

The spirit was high and anti-government/police sentiment was echoed amongst working class and students. However, violence gradually escalated after Legislative Council Building and the Wan Chai Police Headquarters were besieged and attacked by front line protesters sending shock waves across the world. The tipping point came when police were accused of colluding with triads to assault civilians at Yuen Long MTR Station on 21st July which resulted in major casualties. Young protesters were fumed over the incident and fellow Hong Kongers were also angered as confidence in the city’s elite enforcement team plummeted. Hostility against the embattled police force began to intensify when front line protesters started to besiege police stations in different districts.

Subsequently, police began to stop issuing letters of no objections to the organisers of street rallies as violence often broke out at the end of each protest.

In many recent illegal street rallies, violent protesters assaulted police officers, hurled bricks, set fire, vandalised walls and threw Molotov cocktails at riot police. In one instance, Wong Tai Sin Disciplined Services Quarters  was severely marred by protesters while family members of police were threatened and terrorised. On the other hand, front line protesters were outraged by the mass arrests of fellow protesters . The alleged selective prosecution by police officers has provoked them to evolve into a lawless faction of flash mob guerrilla rioters with one common agenda : To continue to cause massive disruptions and destruction in the city as long as their five demands are not met.

We wrote an article yesterday on the relevance of demands in the light of recent civil unrest and we think that some of the five demands may not carry weight any more .

The street rallies took a turn for the worse when the flash mob protesters occupied and blocked major roads including the Cross Harbour Tunnel, disrupted train services and they recently pulled the biggest stunt ever, the 2-day airport siege. A peaceful 3-day sit-in protest at Arrival Hall, Terminal 1 started from last Friday was approved by police. Front line radical protesters started to incite others to take over the airport after one young female protester was allegedly shot in the right eye by riot police during the illegal rally in TST on Sunday. We were the first to break the news on the airport occupation at 12.16am on Sunday.

We have made one noteworthy observation in the past few rallies : The number of protesters has reduced significantly as the street rallies became more saturated. The average Joe who is an executive with a family has decided to stop going to the street protests because the protesters have become increasingly violent. Their actions no longer reflect the mass population who do not want to see their city being destroyed and everyday’s lives disrupted even if they do not agree with the government’s lack of response on the extradition bill issue.

On the other hand, the front line protesters have been in the game since day 1 when they were glorified for their courage by Hong Kongers and they are still in the game.

Hong Kong is part of China and it is just a matter of time before the principle of ‘One Country, two systems’ is eroded. There is already a lot freedom of speech in the city as guaranteed by the Basic Law if you compare with other more oppressive regimes around the world. If you burn Hell Bank notes printed with faces of government officials, you will be arrested in some South East Asian democratic countries. Many of these students have not lived elsewhere and they do not understand that there is no TRUE DEMOCRACY in any government. As much as we do not agree with the extradition amendments, we believe that the original struggle to true democracy has been steered off-course as evident by the current civil unrest.

The glaring question is WHY WOULD YOUNG PEOPLE SACRIFICE THEIR FUTURE TO GO AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT ON AN EXTRADITION BILL? Even if they really do fight for the future of Hong Kongers, why would you destroy the city’s public infrastructure and economy at all costs? The reason is that these front line protesters are all students who do not have any stake in the economy and there is potentially a hidden agenda behind their aggressive takeover of the city.

There have been various allegations lately, especially by the Beijing Government that Jimmy lai, the owner of Next Media Group who runs Apple daily is behind the current civil unrest.

Guns pointed at Dimsumdaily team.

If we had suggested this conspiracy theory similar to what the Beijing Government has accused in June, we would have been shot by almost every Hong Konger as no one would believe it. The mass population’s disagreement with the government has conveniently legitimised the actions of the front line protesters. However, the recent violent rallies have exposed the front line protesters’ true colours and the most obvious sign indicating the protesters’ close ties with the American propaganda is the strong presence of their national flags.

American flag waved in front of Sham Shui Po Police Station yesterday night.

It would be extremely cheap for the American government to fund a group of young and angry students who can’t even afford to buy any house in the expensive city.According to an article in HKFP written by Jimmy Lai’s aide, Mark Simon, ‘If Hong Kong is losing, someone is winning’.  The Communist Party is destroying Hong Kong’s one real advantage, the rule of law – New York City says thanks. Sanctions, massive destruction to derail the economy in Hong Kong will only serve one purpose : MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Jimmy Lai, the American government and the 612 HUMANITARIAN RELIEF FUND

We decided to uncover the funding source in our exclusive article yesterday as to how the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in United Stated might have channeled fund via Jimmy Lai into a very dubious 612 HUMANITARIAN RELIEF FUND.


The purpose of the fund is to provide legal expenditure, medical expenses, psychological counselling and other related assistance for protesters during anti-extradition protests. The structure of the fund was set up with radical front line protesters in mind as normal civilians would not want to engage in any confrontation with police or violence which would result in injuries or arrests.

The trustees of the fund include Joseph Zen, Cardinal of the Catholic Church from Hong Kong. He has been outspoken on issues regarding human rights, political freedom, and religious liberty, often attracting criticism from the Communist Party of China, singer Denise Ho, Cyd Ho Sau-lan and Dr Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee, both ex-Legislative Councillors.

On 4th August,  Jimmy Lai, owner of Next Media Group & his aide, Mark Simon (an ex-US navy with alleged ties to the US Central Intelligence Agencymet up with a mysterious foreign man and 7 others i.e.Martin Lee, Chairman of Democratic Party, Anson Maria Elizabeth Chan Fang On-sang who served as ex-Chief Secretary, Cardinal Joseph Zen who is also one of the main trustees of 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, legislative councillors including Alan Leong, Jeremy Jansen Tam,  Lee Wing-tat and Albert Ho for dinner at 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana, an Italian fine dining restaurant located at Alexandra House in Central.

The Organisational Structure

We exposed yesterday that NED might have potentially funded Jimmy Lai via purchase of his NEXT MEDIA group shares and in return, he injected some into the 612 HUMANITARIAN RELIEF FUND. We wrote in great length as to how the money could potentially be channelled to fund the front-line protesters. Strategies were formulated with his think tank team comprising his US counterparts & several long term comrades including Martin Lee, Anna Chan and Joseph Zen. Another team of inciters e.g. Jimmy Shan, Denise Ho will organise legitimate protests and street rallies to gain widespread public support who are against the government anyway. Some of these figures like Jimmy Shan and Denise Ho may be doing it for a genuine cause for democracy but conveniently, they wouldn’t need to be funded as their actions fit into the mastermind’s agenda perfectly. Joshua Wong, on the other hand has lost his popularity amongst the young protesters and hence he may be working behind the scene to support the movement as a Chinese State media has revealed that Nathan Law and him met up with officials from US Consulate-General at a hotel. Apple Daily, other donation-based local/ English pro-democracy media and social media platforms are leveraged to amplify the anti-government sentiment to infuriate the general public. There are already plenty of anti-government media agencies who would be more than delighted to bash the government whenever they could.

Meanwhile, front line protesters in different factions would have a free hand to organise and co-ordinate illegal street rallies/attacks with a common agenda : “IF YOU DON’T RESPOND TO OUR 5 DEMANDS, WE WILL DESTROY YOU”.

In their quest for so-called democracy, someone will get injured and arrested, this is when the 612 HUMANITARIAN RELIEF FUND will step in. The fund has footed the legal expenses for most of the protesters arrested recently.

The organisational structure
The modus operandi.

The MODUS OPERANDI of front line protesters

The 10% small group of frontline radical protesters’s purpose is to lead the city into chaos while the other 90% peace-loving protesters are genuinely fighting against the extradition bill and they are concerned with the basic principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ being eroded. As mentioned earlier, there are also genuine inciters and non-genuine inciters. Genuine Inciters are political figures such as Roy Kwong and Jeremy Sham of Civil Humans Rights Front. Regardless of the factions, everyone conveniently shares the same agenda i.e. they are all out to go against the government. Hence the 10% protesters role is meant to lead the 90% herd and disillusioning them in the process.

This 10% of protesters is further divided into two factions i.e. the ‘intellectual’ front line protesters who are responsible for seeking assistance from foreign powers e.g. to pass sanctions against the persons responsible for / complicit in the suppression of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong and the front line ‘soldiers’.

The 10% front-line protesters’ mission is to sway and and infuriate the aggrieved 90% protesters by leveraging on police brutality and government’s lukewarm responses to their demands. The 90% is further divided into two factions i.e. the rational adults and students.

A girl who ruptured her right eye because she was allegedly shot by bean bag round was sufficient reason to cause the airport to be shut down for two days (Read here). A student union leader who was caught for possession of 10 laser pointers triggered a districtwide siege of police stations where protesters flashed laser pointers and vandalised their premises incessantly. Molotov cocktails were thrown, roads were barricaded, MTR services disrupted. Their actions do not represent the consensus of the 90% protesters who only want to ‘BE WATER’ and fight against the government in a peaceful manner. A

Although the 90% protesters are genuinely against the extradition bill, the 10% front line protesters subconsciously misled them into justifying their illegal and reckless acts to hold the city hostage. We are not against the wishes of the 90% protesters but it is the violent actions of the 10% front line protesters that we find dubious unless they have a funded hidden agenda. It seems like they are on a mission to destruct the city both economically and physically at all costs.

The front line ‘soldiers’ use TELEGRAM App, home-made weapons and engage in war game guerrilla strategies to fight against the police force.

Different channels on the TELEGRAM APP were created to cater for different purposes, these IT savvy students even created real time maps and google maps containing critical information of police presence, tear gas locations, resource centres, escape routes. Information is shared in lightning speed during each rally. Denise Ho, the singer and political activist was spotted sending critical information and news whenever there was a major protest in one of the channels. However, she is neither influential nor a decision maker in any of the operations. Click here to see our exposure of the usage of their real time maps and click here for the google map used by frontline protesters.

Real time map used by front line protesters during the clash in Sham Shui Po on 11th August.

Pictures and videos are shared all across the channels during each protest to keep frontline protesters updated. The following is the non-exhaustive major list of Telegram channels used by protesters:

The modus operandi of front line protesters on Telegram.
Instruction to frontline protesters if they are confronted by police was shared in another Telegram group.
Escape route and passwords of various apartments in Tung Chung were exposed in the frontline protesters’ Telegram group when police were conducting clearance at the airport two days ago.
Real time information on police location is shared during the airport siege on Tuesday.
This Telegram group shares critical information on police presence in Sham Shui Po yesterday.
This Telegram group sends detailed messages as where to pick up protesters during airport protest.
This is the Public Relations Channel on Telegram.