27th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Our sources revealed that Joshua Wong and some other pro-democracy leaders recently rented 10 village houses in Cheung Chau to conduct training for frontline protesters. Each of this house can accommodate 20-30 people and it is estimated that a total of 200-300 frontline protesters would spend three days at this temporary base for training.

On 16th August 2019, we wrote in an article that frontline protesters including Joshua Wong have been trained at Oslo Freedom Forum since Occupy Central in 2014. According to BBC, activists from all over the world are taught how to topple a government for good by planning and organising meticulously at the forum. ‘In 2014, many of the student protesters at Occupy Central were trained two years before they took it to the streets. They were described as Weapon of Mass Destruction to challenge the Chinese government’, quoted in BBC documentary.‘ (Click HERE) Denise Ho, the singer and political activist was highly likely to be one the ‘graduates’ at the Oslo Freedom Forum as she was invited by them to give a speech in June 2019 and again in the upcoming forum in 2020.

BBC documentary on the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Is Cheung Chau island the new training ground used by frontline protesters such as Joshua Wong who has been named by the Chinese activist in the BBC documentary to be receiving full remote support on a hourly basis in 2014 the Oslo Freedom Forum, to conduct mass coaching and drill for the student frontline protesters?

Several contact person were printed on the controversial poster. Strangely, a fee of HK$630 is charged for the training camp.
Propaganda for the training

The ‘C-WAR BATTLE FIELD’ training was purportedly organised by the 18th Student Union of Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) , a subsidiary of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University while the Cheung Chau Don Bosco Oratory was allegedly providing the venue for training. The ‘orientation’ was held on 19th August, 21st August and 23rd August respectively. The 3-day intensive training called Ocamp has started since 26th and will end tomorrow on 28th August. The registration was open from 12th to 16th August to university students.

The main pamphlet of the C-WAR BATTLE FIELD‘ exposed a shocking propaganda to take over Hong Kong via a temporary ‘government’ called ‘CC Special Administration Region’.

Excerpt of the propaganda pamphlet is as follows:

For the past few months, a few senior officials of CC Special Administration Region were found to have colluded with several government departments and other foreign countries by setting up an unreasonable authoritarian regime to remove the freedom of the people. As the citizens of CC Special Administration Region, we would not agree to any authoritarian regime to suppress the civilians. Civilians shall now rise to retaliate against the government and to protect our own rights and freedom.

The government has persistently ignored the demands of the people and increased military presence to suppress the freedom fighters.

The polarisation between the government and civilians has extended beyond reconciliation, many civilians would not mind sacrificing themselves in the battlefield. We will not retreat because of trivial obstructions. We will fight with the authoritarian government until the end.

As a member of the CC Special Administration Region, you have the duty to fight for the freedom for all civilians and expose the truth to the whole world!

This disillusioned group of radical protesters embarked on a far fetched plan to take over the government and they have called themselves citizens of the Special CC Administration Region. It seems like there were a few ‘top senior officials’ in their ‘de facto government’ who have betrayed them and worked with the Hong Kong government. Hence, they called upon their ‘citizens’ to retaliate and fight with the authoritarian government until the end.

This sounds like a very dangerous brainwashing propaganda targeting the young university students. If this is true, the initial peaceful fight against extradition bill has now turned into a menacing revolution to topple the government.

Cheung Chau residents also spotted Joshua Wong and a few foreigners who transported many goods and packages purported containing training gear on the ferry to Cheung Chau recently.

Boxes and packages purportedly containing training gear for the 3 day camp spotted on the ferry to Cheung Chau.
Protest trainees unloading the packages.
Student protesters were undergoing training on a sports ground on Cheung Chau island yesterday.

The dazzling question is why are churches behind this perilous propaganda? Are Christians and Catholics easy prey?

According to an article in Huffpost, Christians, after all, love a good conspiracy theory. The devil is a liar and the father of all lies, according to scripture, and they’re always on the lookout for his deception. Of course, they never consider that perhaps THEY are the target of this deception. It’s always others, especially those in “the world” who are the enemies of God. Why would the devil care about that over tripping up the saints? He wouldn’t, and that’s the difficult truth. In this sense, Christians ― good people or otherwise ― are highly susceptible to deceit from those who don’t have their best interests at heart.

Christians, if you believe so strongly that God wants you to prosper and that if you’re not, you’re either doing something wrong or “the world” is taking what’s yours from you, you are easy prey for those who would feed those beliefs back to you in the name of political gain.

Isn’t it high time we started calling a wolf, a wolf?

One of the close-knit allies of Jimmy Lai is Cardinal Joseph Zen. Cardinal Joseph Zen is one of the trustees of the controversial  612 Humanitarian Relief Fund  which provides financial support for protesters who are arrested and charged during anti-extradition protests and to cover their medical fees. Apple Daily, despite its critical financial condition, has donated HK$300,000 to the fund. We reported on 4th August that  Jimmy Lai of the Next Media Group & his aide, Mark Simon (an ex-US navy with alleged ties to the US Central Intelligence Agency) met up with Christian Whiton,  a national security expert who has served in multiple White House administrations. and 7 others i.e.Martin Lee, Chairman of Democratic Party, Anson Maria Elizabeth Chan, ex-Chief Secretary, Cardinal Joseph Zen, legislative councillors including Alan Leong, Jeremy Jansen Tam,  Lee Wing-tat and Albert Ho for dinner in Central.

Joseph Zen, the man with white hair was at a dinner with Jimmy Lai, Christian Whiton,  a national security expert who has served in multiple White House administrations and others at a restaurant in Central.
Cardinal Joseph Zen

Cardinal Joseph Zen was ordained a priest in Turin, Italy, on 11 February 1961 for the Society of Don Bosco, the Salesian Order.  He is the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong.

Jimmy Lai and Joseph Zen in Occupy Central 2014.

In 2005, Joseph Zen received over HK$20 million from Jimmy Lai, some of which was used to fund the underground church on the mainland (Read HERE). The relationship between Jimmy Lai and Joseph Zen, the Vatican adviser and former head of the Hong Kong Catholic diocese has spanned over decades. Both Jimmy Lai and his wife are also Catholics. During that period, Joseph Zen said that Jimmy Lai never gave him instruction on how to spend the money since the donations were given to him personally and were not to the church. According to some rumours, Joseph Zen has a mistress and two illegitimate children who were studying in the United States. Joseph Lai is therefore greatly indebted to Jimmy Lai.

Joeseph Zen, a close ally of Jimmy Lai appeared at Cheung Chau Don Bosco Oratory on Cheung Chau Island on 17th August 2019 Source : Facebook/CCCDBOratory

Churches in Hong Kong have been providing shelters to protesters during street rallies as the list was shared in frontline protesters’ Telegram group. During the street rallies at Victoria Park and Maple Street Playground in Sham Shui Po on 11th August, the organisers have compiled a list of pitstops at churches for protesters to rest, replenish stocks, to charge their mobile phones, to treat injuries with basic first aid supplies, to have food and drinks and to conduct prayers before they continue with the journey. (Click here for the full list).

Remember, the elderly man who went on hunger strike to force the government to respond to the people’s five demands? He is apparently also a preacher from Good Neighbour North District Church.

Preacher from Good Neighbour North District Church went on hunger strike.

On 23rd August, anti-extradition Christian protesters gathered at Chater Garden from 7pm to 9pm today to sing ‘SING HALLELUJAH TO THE LORD’. Organisers claimed that a total of 17,000 people participated in the event. (Click HERE for the news).

A preacher named Anthony came out of nowhere from behind during the protesters’ clash with riot police and knelt in front of police officers who wielded guns at him two days ago.(Watch the last video HERE to see how this preacher ran from behind of the protesters to kneel down in front of the gun-wielding riot police for the ‘million dollar’ picture). Although his bravery was widely commended by pro-democracy supporters in the city and from all over the world, his ulterior motive is questionable. The empathy invoked for a religious preacher in a vulnerable situation like this is as powerful as the detonation of an atomic bomb.

We are not saying that Christians and Catholics should not be involved in politics especially in the fight against government in their anti-extradition quest but religion can be used and abused to become a very powerful propaganda machinery to infuriate the young minds by swaying them away from the actual cause.