Ex-TVBI manager, Simon accused of owing multiple artistes and director more than HK$130,000

    Bob Lam and Lin Xiawei

    17th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) TVB director Eddie recently broke the news on social media to denounce former TVBI manager, Simon. Since 2009, Simon has borrowed a total of HK$130,000 from him on the excuse of financial difficulties in the past 12 years. Eddie reported the incident to the police station last Friday and called on the other victims to report to the police. It is alleged that Simon once borrowed money from TVB artistes Bob Lam, Shirley Yeung, Lin Xiawei, Natalie Tong, Sharon Chan and Lisa Ch’ng.

    Simon allegedly borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from Bob Lam and HK$5,000 from Lin Xiawei.

    It is said that Simon has worked for TVBI for many years, mainly dealing with overseas affairs, including artists’ promotion and appearances. He used his family and “pet dog’s illness” as an excuse for illness or poor turnover, and relied on the artist’s inability to keep track of the numbers. Simon had resigned the year before.