Ex-TVB Producer Wilson Chin sheds his ‘Playboy’ image after getting married, he leaves behind his wife and daughter

    Picture source: Calinda/Weibo

    28th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Wilson Chin Kwok-wai, a former TVB producer and local movie producer who has done movies like the Lan Kwai Fong series, One Night in Taipei, Special Female Force passed away yesterday at the age 58. In May of this year, Chin reported a pancreas problem and was admitted to hospital for surgery. It was rumoured that he had developed cancer. Many other local celebrities including Eric Tsang, William So and Ekin Cheng also visited him at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital before he passed away. His astronomical medical bills while receiving treatment in Japan were partly subsidised by his best friend, Ekin Cheng. Eric Tsang also contributed partially. William was also close to many other local celebrities including Alex Fong, Leo Ku, etc. He left behind his wife, Calinda Chan and his 2-year-old daughter.

    Leni Lan

    During his lifetime, he was rumoured to have dated many actresses before getting married. They include Chinese actress Snowy Bai, Rosella Lau  and another Chinese actress, Leni Lan. However, he denied all the rumours and only admitted that he was going after Elaine Yiu Tsz Ling after making a movie starring the Hong Kong actress.

    Elaine Yiu Tsz Ling

    However, his ‘Playboy’ image was dropped after getting married to Calinda Chan. Both of them dated for 5 years and there were no more scandals heard between Wilson and other actresses.

    Calinda Chan and Abby. Picture source: Calinda/Weibo

    Both Wilson and Calinda had always wanted a child, but Calinda was in poor health and had low blood pressure. She only managed to get pregnant after 8 months of recuperation after seeing a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Calinda finally gave birth to her daughter, Abby in 2018.