Ex-TVB news anchor, Venus Chow ‘transforms’ into ‘It girl’ clad in designer outfits

    Venus Chow

    24th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Former TVB news anchor 36-year-old Venus Chow who used to live in a public housing estate has moved into the more luxurious Chelsea Court in Tsuen Wan. After leaving TVB, she moved to the financial industry to work as a director of a finance company and is responsible for marketing. Venus who was named by netizens as the “Goddess of News” has had many scandals as a news anchor.

    She was first rumoured of having an ex-marital relationship with a married TVB anchor, Hui Fong-fai in 2013 and she was spotted again shopping with a married man. She was also photographed eating Japanese food with a tycoon named Edward in Central. Many netizens have criticised her as a typical ‘Hong Kong gold-digger girl’ as she was always showing off her designer handbags such as Hermes, Cartier bangle, Rolex watch, Valentino and Roger Vivier shoes on her Instagram account. These brands are worshipped by most materialistic girls and bourgeois middle-class wannabes in Hong Kong.

    Picture source: Instagram/Venuskychow
    Picture source: Instagram/Venuskychow
    Picture source: Instagram/Venuskychow
    Chelsea Court in Tsuen Wan
    Hui Fong-fai and Venus Chow were TVB news anchors.