Ex-Legislative Councillors Roy Kwong and James To allowed to renew their bail until July

Roy Kwong

4th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) The National Security Department of the police arrested 55 people in January this year, alleging that they had initiated or participated in the “35+” primary elections of the democratic faction and were suspected of subverting state power in violation of the “National Security Law.” Eight of them were not charged and were released on bail, including former Legislative Councillors, James To Kun-sun and Roy Kwong Chun-yu who reported to different police stations today (4th).

At about 3 pm, James To appeared at the Central Police Station, while Roy Kwong arrived at the Tin Shui Wai Police Station. They stayed at the police station for about an hour and left. It is understood that 8 persons were allowed to renew their bail until July. Among them, James To was allowed to bail under the same conditions, namely, cash of HK$30,000 and surrender of travel documents. When asked if he would run for the Legislative Council election again, To said ‘No Way’.

He also pointed out that in the current environment, all people in Hong Kong have a difficult life, and their friends are also facing difficulties while being detained. As for Roy Kwong, he thanked the public for their concern, but the lawyer told him not to respond too much.