Ex-gilfriend of Aaron Kwok, Lynn Hung enjoys Vancouver trip with three generations

    Lynn Hung (left).

    16th June 2024 – (Vancouver) Former model Lynn Hung, embarked on a trip to Vancouver with three generations, including her mother and her twin daughters. Lynn, who is the ex-girlfriend of Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok and married Ken Kwok, the younger brother of actress Kenix Kwok, has been leading a fulfilling life as a wife and mother since their marriage. The family of four seems to be enjoying a blissful existence together.

    Lynn, who had taken a step back from the limelight in recent years, feeling somewhat bored with the leisurely life of a wealthy housewife, has made a comeback and successfully balanced her family life with her career. On the 15th of June, Lynn shared some precious moments from their Vancouver trip on social media. The photos depict a radiant Lynn, capturing a sweet moment beside her husband Ken Kwok, as they both smiled affectionately, radiating happiness and love.

    During their trip, Lynn and her twin daughters were seen picking strawberries together, cherishing the joy of being a close-knit family. It is evident that the six-year-old twins are rapidly growing up and have inherited their mother’s statuesque figure, appearing almost as tall as Lynn herself. This observation has sparked envy among many netizens who couldn’t help but express their admiration for the family’s beautiful genes.