Ex-finance minister Henry Tang denies involvement with social media page promoting stock recommendations

Henry Tang

21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent statement, the chairman of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Board, Henry Tang Ying-yen, vehemently denied any association with a social media page bearing his name. The page in question focuses on the stock market and purportedly provides stock recommendations.

The online platform features photographs of Tang, who formerly served as the Financial Secretary, and makes references to his alleged investment choices. It claims that Tang established the group to offer stock recommendations.

However, Tang made it clear that he has no involvement in the operation or organization of the mentioned page. He emphasized that he has no relationship whatsoever with it and has not formed any group to provide stock information.

Furthermore, Tang strongly refuted the page’s assertion regarding his personal investment situation, labelling it as entirely false.

In an effort to address the issue, Tang highlighted that any stock information group claiming to be established by him is fraudulent. He urged the public to exercise caution and be wary of misleading pages and groups purporting to be associated with him.

Taking the matter seriously, Tang has reported the page to the police, signalling his commitment to combating misinformation and protecting his reputation.