Ex-employee of HK express sentenced to 80-hour community service order for illegally using former CE’s son’s account to pay for extra amenities

Insert picture: Lai Hung-kin

10th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) On 1st December 2019, a former ground staff of Hong Kong Express illegally stole the account information belonging to Leung  Chuen-yan (son of former Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying).

The ex-staff member illegally used the account of Leung Chuen-yan to pay HK$3,000 of extra in-flight meals and baggage charges for the Leung family. The former ground employee pleaded guilty to criminal damage earlier and was sentenced to an 80-hour community service order at Eastern Magistrates’ Courts this morning (10th). The defendant, Lai Hung-kin (24 years old, part-time employee of a convenience store) was a ground handling agent of Hong Kong Express.

Leung Chuen-yan bought a Japan round-trip ticket for him and his family, another ground staff member then posted Leung’s information in a WhatsApp group. After the defendant learned about it, he used the information to change Leung’s user information and reservation services online, such as booking 24 in-flight meals and changing the user name to “Leung Shit”.

Afterwards, a staff member of Hong Kong Express felt suspicious and exposed the incident. The police took over the investigation and arrested the defendant. He confessed under caution that he “wanted to scare the family”. Another defendant in the same case, Kwok (22 years old, ground staff) has not pleaded and the case will appear for court mention on 24th August.