Everyworld launches Web3 rewarded ads platform on Discord to equally benefit users and the planet


    25th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Everyworld announced the launch of its Web3 rewarded ads platform, which offers users the opportunity to earn rewards for actions they’re already doing every day — engaging with advertising. It is the first watch-to-earn platform on Discord that is focused on video games and aims to become the global advertising alternative to television and social media.

    Everyworld was developed by the Everyrealm team and is backed by A16Z Crypto, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands and Dragonfly. Due to its strategic positioning at the intersection of advertising, Web3 and gaming, Everyworld has also solidified partnerships with prominent games such as Shrapnel, Big Time, Star Atlas, Planet Mojo, The Sandbox and High Street, among others, who are already advertising in the Everyworld network.

    “The rewarded ads industry is one of the fastest growing verticals in marketing and has been growing at a rate of 200% per year over the past several years. And while people spend the majority of their lives online, there is no virtual world without a physical one,” said Janine Yorio, team lead of Everyworld. This forms the basis of Everyworld’s model, and highlights the importance of the dual-incentive mechanism that powers the platform. This model marries charitable giving with personal gain, with both aspects working in harmony to ensure that players are not only driven by self-interest, but are also aligned with the community’s broader goal of supporting the planet.

    “Everyworld’s vision is to build the world’s first decentralised ad network designed to benefit users and the planet equally,” Yorio added.

    When a player in Everyworld wins, so does the planet — with payouts made in equal size to the individual and a top-tier environmental conservation organisation. To date, the firm has made two contributions to The Ocean Cleanup, a global non-profit foundation dedicated to removing floating plastic from the oceans.

    In just over two weeks, more than 80,000 players from over 20 countries have joined Everyworld. Over 500,000,000 points have been earned, with more than 3,000 videos watched per minute. Currently, players contribute their points to regular drawings, resulting in a winner of one massive point jackpot, but in the future, these drawings will be paid out in $EVERY, the native token of Everyworld.

    Everyworld has elements of a television network, a game show, an online marketplace and even TikTok, but it’s also something entirely different. And it has a threefold purpose: benefitting its users, challenging ad network incumbents and actively contributing to the planet’s well-being.  It’s a triple win for the users, the planet and advertisers, as advertisers will in turn benefit from increased user engagement and improved conversions.