Estimated HK$80m rollover jackpot may be won by a single bet tomorrow, off-site betting branches to start service at 11am tomorrow


1st February 2023 – (Hong Kong) The 11th Mark Six lottery will be held at 9.30pm tomorrow nigh. Since no lucky winner won the first prize in the last two draws, more than HK$62 million has been accumulated. If a single bet of HK$10 wins the jackpot, the first division prize money is estimated to be as high as HK$80 million.

For the convenience of the public to buy lottery tickets, the off-site betting branches will start service at 11am tomorrow, and the closing time for ticket sales will be 9.15pm. According to the website of the Jockey Club, the most drawn numbers in the past 20 draws were “45” and “18”, which were drawn 7 and 6 times respectively, while “2”, “35”, “38” and “39” , “40” and “49” have been drawn 5 times.