Erena So, Hong Kong’s first AV actress, goes viral with gigantic truck poster


    26th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s first AV actress, Erena So, has been making waves in Japan since her debut. Recently, a gigantic poster of her was spotted on the back of a truck, leading to a viral discussion on social media.

    A netizen shared a photo of a truck with a massive poster of Erena So on its tailgate on a Facebook page. The authenticity of the image was questioned, but it still garnered over a thousand likes in just four hours. Many praised the stunning image of Erena So, but others expressed concern for drivers who might be distracted by it.

    The provocative nature of Erena So’s poster drew a lot of attention, with some commenters jokingly suggesting that the poster might cause rear-end collisions. However, others saw the humour in the situation, applauding the dedication of the truck’s owner to decorate their vehicle with such a unique poster.

    While her rise to fame has not been without controversy, Erena So remains focused on her career and has not let criticism affect her. She continues to push boundaries and challenge stereotypes in the adult film industry, earning respect from both fans and colleagues alike.