Equal Opportunities Commission believes Cathay Pacific incident of discrimination against non-English speaking passengers is isolated

Ricky Chu

30th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The recent incident involving a Cathay Pacific flight attendant and a Mainland Chinese passenger who was mocked for his pronunciation of “carpet” has sparked a heated debate on social media. The incident has raised concerns about discrimination and the importance of treating all customers with respect and equality.

Ricky Chu, the head of the Equal Opportunities Commission, emphasized in a recent newspaper article that businesses should always treat customers with respect and equality, regardless of their background, from both a commercial and equal opportunity perspective. He believes that the incident is an isolated case and that most frontline service staff in Hong Kong are professional and respectful towards customers.

Many Mainland Chinese netizens have shared heartwarming experiences of receiving help from strangers in public transportation in Hong Kong, which shows the warm and welcoming side of the city.

The Equal Opportunities Commission has been working closely with the government to promote equality and prevent discrimination. In 2021, they submitted research results on intra-family discrimination and have been following up with recommendations. However, fighting discrimination requires more than just legal requirements; it is also a matter of ethics and morality. It requires law enforcement, prevention, and education, as well as efforts from different levels and industries in society to build a welcoming and inclusive community.