Enjoy ultimate socially distanced entertainment experience at The Grounds, AIA Vitality Park in Central


7th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) As Hong Kong’s ultimate socially distanced entertainment experience, The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park offers Hong Kong’s very first COVID-safe event space. Created with the new normal in mind, every step is thought out, making sure guests are kept as socially-distanced as possible whilst still getting to be out at events and outdoor gatherings.

The Grounds offers a diverse range of entertainment options for everyone. From movies, live music, family activities to wellness classes, you can now enjoy these activities in an outdoor setting.

A friendly reminder that outside food and drinks are not allowed but you can treat yourself by ordering a variety of exquisite cuisines from @basehallhkall and @hkowofficial from the comfort and safety of your own private pod via our QR code app located on your table. The space is divided into individual enclosed areas that seat two to four people.

For the daytime sessions, you are welcome to bring your own sunshade or umbrellas as long as it doesn’t obstruct other guests, for the evening sessions bring an extra jacket or blanket as it can get a bit chilly. Come with a date for a drink or two or unwind with your friends. It’s also super kid-friendly so bring your children for an enjoyable day out.

It is now officially open to the public.

The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park,

33 Man Kwong Street, Central, Hong Kong

Book your tickets now! Book tickets: https://bit.ly/2TUCUx9