Enjoy snow at Lee Tung Avenue for a limited time from 7th to 10th January


6th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The year 2021 may still be fraught with challenges, but it has certainly brought hopes. Before the pandemic, spending a snowy new year holiday elsewhere was a tradition for some Hong Kong people. With travel restrictions now in place across the globe, most people have no choice but to stay in Hong Kong this year. Coincidentally, the city’s temperature has dipped in the single digits recently. And what better atmosphere to enjoy snow than a cold winter? Lee Tung Avenue is taking the opportunity to share fun and hope with the community. From 7th-10th January (Thursday to Sunday), snowflake machines will be running at full speed at the festive shopping street, so that the public can enjoy a white winter even in Hong Kong.

The award-winning local visual impact director Victor Wong, who is also the 2019 MARTELL Artist of the Year, is specially invited to bring the world’s first AI butterflies illuminating interactive art installation “Butterflies of Hope” to Lee Tung Avenue. It features a 7-meter stained glass butterfly and over 350 little illusion glass butterflies that shatter holiday cheer all over the atrium and boulevard. Incredibly, such a kaleidoscope of butterflies have varied features days and nights. The glassy butterflies reflect and refract natural light by day, adding a glaring yet spontaneous layer to the avenue.  At night, the AI-controlled butterflies dazzle following the festive music, bringing a unique music-and-light symphony to the audience. The energy-efficient LED with a special shadow projection effect brings the butterflies to life and fly on everyone’s clothes, making audience feel as if they are in a movie scene.

The new year is standing before us. Butterflies, which emerge from their hard cocoons and regain new life, are a living embodiment of life and hope. Lee Tung Avenue hopes the butterflies may shed a silver lining with love to everyone. Along with holiday decorations, Lee Tung Avenue takes the concept of Placemaking and adds elements of Art Tech, education, environmental protection, and charity to every corner of the boulevard to create a multi-faceted winter place.  

“Butterflies of Hope” – Symbol of love and hope

Victor said that the advancement of technology has brought Art Tech to be the dominant trend in art development. 2020 is an arduous year, but this year has come to an end. That is why in his new artwork, he takes butterfly as the theme, symbolizing beauty, love, hope, positivity, happiness, and revival. A butterfly lifecycle begins with an egg that becomes a caterpillar, then turning to a cocoon that eventually transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Since then, it can fly and dance freely in the boundless sky. Victor and Lee Tung Avenue hope that by the butterfly’s uniqueness, viewers can feel the regeneration and vitality of life and face the future hopefully and positively. May everyone have a happy New Year with optimism!

Besides, Lee Tung Avenue specially invited poster designer Andrew Lau, who has designed for famous movies such as “Infernal Affairs” and “Initial D”. Andrew has designed butterfly-themed paintings, adding a more artistic and cinematic sense around different corners of the avenue so everyone can check-in and selfie in front of the masterpieces.

“Butterflies of Hope”Special 
Date:2021• 1• 7th -10th Thursday to Sunday  
Time:5.30pm 、6.30pm、7.30pm
Venue:Lee Tung Avenue atrium