English Schools Foundation announces tuition fee hike for 2024/25 academic year


15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The English Schools Foundation (ESF) has confirmed a 4.8 per cent average increase in tuition fees across its schools for the academic year 2024/25. The adjustment will see the most significant rise affecting the youngest students, with fees for year 1-6 climbing from HK$126,200 to HK$132,500, marking a 4.99 per cent increment.

Students in years 7-9 will see their fees adjusted to HK$173,900, reflecting a 4.07 per cent rise. Meanwhile, the tuition for years 10-11 will be set at HK$152,200, and for years 12-13 at HK$160,100, showing increases of 4.68 per cent and 4.71 per cent, respectively.

In a communication to parents, ESF Chief Executive Belinda Greer emphasized the foundation’s commitment to maintaining a delicate balance in its budgeting process. The aim, she noted, is to strike an equilibrium between attracting and retaining top-tier educational and support staff and keeping tuition fees within a reasonable range for families.